UNIQUE Dyeing Business partner have good facilities to get the super quality dyeing fabric.

They Started from an Auto Dispensing Unit for distributing chemical and dyestuff in perfect quantities to the dye house, experience and expertise to ensure a clone-like uniformity and perfection in knit dyeing. It is capable to dye all sorts of fabrics. All of its dyeing machines are from European origin.

Apart from regular fabric categories, Unique Business partner can process fabrics with different finishes suitable for varies wear. It has sophisticated modern machines to do fabric brushing and peaching.

Its has world famous Bruckner & Monforts Stentering Machines for heat setting on stretch fabrics and other delicate fabrics to ensure fabric stability, shrinkage & overall GSM level.

It has intelligent digital fabric inspection machines to analyze color shade consistency and to do fault mapping of every single roll.

Unique Business partner has hi-tech fabric relaxation machines to provide optimum handling and utilization of tension sensitive fabric in the quickest of time.

Its dying capacity at present is about 50 tons per day.